Case of the month

Each month, we post an interesting case to work through from start to finish.

COTM: Cavalier with intermittent paraparesis

9-year-old FS Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was referred f0r evaluation of intermittent paraparesis and apparent pain

COTM: Circling cat

A 10-year-old castrated male domestic longhaired cat was brought in for evaluation following a sudden onset of circling.

COTM: Weimaraner with HL tremors

A 12-year-old castrated male Weimaraner was presented to the Neurology Department for evaluation of pelvic limb tremors and LS pain.

COTM: Paraparetic Russian Blue

5yr MC Russian Blue presented for progressive pelvic limb weakness and incoordination not improving with prednisone.

COTM: Neurologic Catahoula

A 2-year-old FS Catahula dog is presented with multiple neurologic deficits.

COTM: Abnormal Beagle Mix

A 2-year-old castrated male Beagle Mix was brought in for inappropriate urination, decreased appetite, circling, and pacing.

COTM: Painful mouth

  Signalment: 7 yr MC Lab Mix History: The patient is…

COTM: Cat with episodes

A 14yr FS DSH is referred for holding the head down, weakness, and episodes of staring off into space/not being responsive to owner.

COTM: Min Pin falls on her head

An 11-year-old spayed female Miniature Pinscher was playing on the couch with another dog. She was knocked off the couch and hit her head on the hardwood floor.

COTM: Paraparetic Beagle

A 7yr MC obese (28.8 kg) Beagle was brought in for evaluation of back pain and right pelvic limb lameness/weakness. Click on post title to work through the case.

COTM: Cat with generalized weakness

An 8-year-old castrated male domestic shorthaired cat was referred by his regular veterinarian through our Emergency Department for evaluation following an acute onset of weakness and decreased appetite the day before.

COTM: Unexpected find during annual PE

The May case of the month is a 9yr FS Papillon with an unexpected finding during an annual physical exam.