Case of the month

Each month, we post an interesting case to work through from start to finish.

COTM: Ataxic Yorkie

The February case of the month is a 4 1/2 yr Yorkie that was presented for progressive ataxia. Click on the post title to read more.

COTM: Min Pin with neck pain

February's case of the month is a young Min Pin that was presented for further evaluation of neck pain that was not responsive to exercise restriction, carprofen, gabapentin, and methocarbamol.

COTM: Tetraparetic Rhodesian Ridgeback

This month's case of the month is a 7-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback was referred for a 2-3 week history of waxing-and-waning weakness and incoordination in all 4 limbs, with an acute worsening just prior to referral. Watch the exam video and test your localization skills. Then, consider what differentials and diagnostics you would consider.

Golden with acute paraparesis

Signalment: 5yr F Golden Retriever History: The patient was…

Ataxic Scottish Terrier

An 8 1/2 yr FS Scottish Terrier was brought in to the Neurology Department for evaluation of progressive right thoracic limb lameness/weakness that was not responding to a tapering course of oral dexamethasone.

Paraparetic Newfoundland

This month's case is a 7-year-old intact male Newfoundland that was referred for evaluation of progressive difficulty walking and trouble going up stairs.

Bichon mix with abnormal gait

The patient was referred to our hospital for evaluation of abnormal gait thought to be due to intervertebral disc disease.

Acutely weak cat

The August case of the month is a 6-year-old cat that was brought in to the Emergency Department for evaluation following a sudden onset of inability to walk the day before.

Border Terrier with seizures

A 13 yr MC Border Terrier was presented to the Neurology Department following a sudden onset of generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Painful & ataxic Cavalier

The patient was referred for progressive neurologic signs. He started scratching his abdomen about 3 weeks prior to referral. There was no response to a course of oral cefpodoxime and topical antibiotic spray. He was taken to the ER department of another local specialty hospital 5 days later for suspected pain and inappetance.

Acutely blind Sphinx cat

The cat was referred to the Neurology Department for additional evaluation by a local veterinary ophthalmologist. The owners noticed that the cat had dilated pupils, was bumping into objects and seemed "off."

Tetraparetic Yorkie

This month's case is a Yorkie that had a sudden onset of lameness/weakness in the hind limbs the night before presentation that had progressed to inability to walk on all 4 limbs by the following morning.