These posts include random fun facts, trivia, and news in the world of neurology.

Lap it up, fur ball!

F = 4.6 * M^(-1/6). Wait! Math in medicine? You betcha! Check out this blog post to learn more.

Historical perspective: Brachial plexus injury as a contributing factor to World War I?

Yesterday's "Neuro words for nerds" post discussed Wallerian degeneration. Did you know that a peripheral nerve injury and the subsequent Wallerian degeneration may have been a contributing factor to the start of World War I?

$#!T Swearing can be helpful

If you're like me, you let out a doozy of a swear word when you stub your toe. We've all assumed that swearing lessens the pain, otherwise why do it? But, does it really?

Headbanging can hurt your brain!

Subdural hematomas are a frequent sequela of head trauma in human…

Marijuana for seizures?

I have been asked twice in the past two weeks by owners of refractory seizure patients whether I could/would prescribe medical marijuana for their dog. While Massachusetts has now legalized medical marijuana, dispensaries have not been set up and it's far from clear how (and if) veterinarians could prescribe medical marijuana or an extract.