What’s your neurolocalization?

These posts present short cases with images & videos to practice neurolocalization.

Localize: Korat cat with LFL weakness

9 yr MC Korat cat is brought in for several month history of progressive left thoracic limb weakness

Localize: Tetraparetic Lab mix

2-year-old castrated male Labrador mix with acute onset of pelvic limb weakness progressing to inability to walk on all four limbs

Localize: Paraparetic Goldendoodle

Acute onset pelvic limb weakness after falling down while running around the yard.

Localize: Akita with left pelvic limb weakness

11-year-old spayed female Akita with a 2-week history of left pelvic limb weakness

Localize: Frenchie referred for neck pain

11-year-old castrated male French Bulldog with a one-month history of lethargy and episodes of trembling

Localize: Dachshund with "back pain"

9-year-old MC Dachshund was referred for evaluation of back pain

Localize: Nonambulatory Peke

12-year-old castrated male Pekingese was brought in following a sudden onset of inability to walk

Localize: Lame German Shepherd

7 1/2 yr castrated male German Shepherd is presented with a 2-month history hind limb lameness/weakness not responding to medical management with meloxicam and tramado

Localize: Beagle mouth "pain"

A 4-year-old castrated male Beragle is brought in for mouth "pain."

Localize: Droopy eye cat

12 year castrated male indoor-only DSH cat was brought in for evaluation of a droopy eye

Localize: Restless Maine Coon

9 yr castrated male Maine Coon cat was brought in for evaluation of restlessness of three day's duration

Localize: Shaking & trembling Coton de Tulear

4 yr FS Coton de Tulear is brought in for evaluation following an acute onset of shaking and trembling progressing to inability to walk