What’s your neurolocalization?

These posts present short cases with images & videos to practice neurolocalization.

Uncoordinated kitty

This week’s case is a 5 year old MC DSH. He was presented for evaluation of difficulty jumping onto furniture and falling on the stairs. Click on post title to read more.

Circling cat

This week’s case is a 12 year old MC DSH that presented to the Neurology Department for a sudden onset of circling. Watch the video below and localize the lesion.

Boxer with anisocoria

A 7-year-old MC Boxer is presented for evaluation of anisocoria. The neurological exam findings are shown. What is your neuroanatomic diagnosis?

Unexpected neuro find in a Weimaraner

This week’s case is a 7 year old FS Weimaraner that presented to the Ophthalmology Department for an unrelated disorder.

Cat with pelvic limb weakness

Today’s case is a 10 yr FS cat with an acute onset of pelvic limb weakness. Watch the video and localize the lesion.