What’s your neurolocalization?

These posts present short cases with images & videos to practice neurolocalization.

Localize: Ataxic cat

8yr MC DSH cat presented for an acute onset of weakness and incoordination

Localize: Nonambulatory Beagle mix

12-year-old FS Beagle mix presented for inability to walk. Lethargic and walking slowly the day before.

Localize: Circling Terrier Mix

9-year-old spayed female Terrier mix was brought in for pacing, getting stuck in corners, and staring at walls.

Localize: Lab referred for RHL knuckling

An 11-year-old spayed female Labrador Retriever was referred for knuckling over on the right pelvic limb. About 3 weeks earlier, the dog was runing after another dog, fell and twisted her back, and came up lame/weak in the right pelvic limb.

Localize: Chronic abnormal gait in mix breed

An 8-year-old castrated male mixed breed dog was referred for neurologic evaluation after failing to respond to medical management with carprofen and gabapentin.

Localize: Down Frenchie

A 3-year-old FS French Bulldog was referred for inability to walk. Watch the video and test your localization skills.

Localize: Cat with dilated pupils

What is your neurolocalization for this indoor-only 6 1/2 yr FS DSH cat that was brought in following an acute onset of dilated pupils?

Localize: RHL weakness

3 1/2 yr intact male Bouvier des Flandres examined following a sudden onset of right pelvic limb weakness

Localize: Weak & uncoordinated Golden

What is your localization for this 6yr MC Golden presented for evalulation of a 1-2 year very slowly progressive pelvic limb weakness and incoordination?

Localize: Ataxic Norwich Terrier

What is your localization for this 5 yr castrated male Norwich Terrier was brought in for evaluation following an acute onset of incoordination?

Localize: Pug with chronic HL weakness

What is your neurolocalization for this 12 yr FS Pug presented for evaluation of 6-month progressive pelvic limb weakness and incoordination.

Localize: Pacing Frenchie

An 11yr MC French Bulldog is presented for progressive lethargy, pacing, bumping into things, and having urinated in the bed.