Quiz: Wink, wink!

What is being tested and what nerves are involved?

Quiz: Dog with CSF definitive diagnosis

CSF is obtained from a dog (see image above) with multifocal intracranial signs. Test your neuro knowledge on these 4 questions.

Quiz: Cat with dilated pupil

12-year-old castrated male DSH cat is presented for evaluation of abnormal pupil size

Quiz: Vestibular dysfunction

Test your neuro knowledge against these four vestibular questions.

Quiz: Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?

This week's quiz focuses on the arterial circle of the brain, also called the Circle of Willis. Test your neuro knowledge on these 3 questions!

Quiz: Postop neurologic complications?

What are the neurologic complications associated with bulla osteotomy?

Quiz: Seizure or myoclonus?

How can one differentiate seizures from myoclonus in this dog?

Quiz: Neuro sequelae after car accident

A 6-year-old male Corgi is presented after being accidentally backed over by a car in the driveway.

Quiz: Why the funny face?

A dog is presented for evaluation of squinting.

Quiz: Radiographic diagnosis?

What's your radiographic diagnosis for this 5-year-old Beagle mix presented for peracute onset of nonambulatory tetraparesis?

Quiz: "Eye" want you to take this quiz!

Test your neuro knowledge against this 4 neuro-ophthalmology questions.

Quiz: Name that nerve!

This week's quiz follows up on Monday's neuro words for nerds term, dermatome.