Quiz: "Eye" want you to take this quiz!

Test your neuro knowledge against this 4 neuro-ophthalmology questions.

Quiz: Name that nerve!

This week's quiz follows up on Monday's neuro words for nerds term, dermatome.

Quiz: Such a pain in the neck!

Test your neuro skills against these 4 questions.

Quiz: PLR and anisocoria

Test your neuro knowledge against today's questions about PLR and anisocoria.

Quiz: Dog hit-by-car

A dog suffers unknown trauma (presumed hit by car). What will his urinary status be?

Quiz: Myelogram in a 4 month dog

Interpret the myelogram for a 4-month-old Golden Retriever with progressive weakness.

Quiz: Thoracic limbs weaker

9-year-old female Labrador Retriever is presented following an acute onset of severe weakness of the thoracic limbs

Quiz: You have a lot of nerve!

Test your neuro skills on these 6 questions! Don't worry, we don't grade!

Quiz: MRI interpretation

Interpret this cat's MRI and answer 3 questions.

Quiz: Interpret radiograph

A 9-year-old FS German Shepherd Dog is presented for evaluation of vomiting

Quiz: Can you hear me now?

What is the smallest skeletal muscle in the body? What is its function and how is it innervated?

Quiz: Feline brain surgery

Brain surgery is performed on a cat (see image above). Test your neuro knowledge