Quiz: A fantastic voyage

You are the star of the sequel to the Fantastic Voyage, but this time your submarine is injected into the right lateral ventricle. You must guide your submarine through the ventricular system.

Quiz: Lab with episodic weakness

You are presented with an 8-month-old intact male Labrador Retriever for possible seizures. The owner reports that the dog has been having episodes in which the dog becomes progressively weak and uncoordinated after intense play with the other dog in the family.

Quiz: Seizures

Test your neuro knowledge against these 4 seizure questions.

Quiz: Name that nerve! (cranial edition)

Name that nerve! (cranial edition) Test your knowledge against these 5 questions about cranial nerves.

Quiz: Skull foraminal anatomy

Can you name these foraminae and the nerve(s) that pass through each?

Quiz: Stop the pain!

Test your neuro knowledge on these 3 questions about analgesia.

Quiz: Atlantoaxial instability

Test your neuro knowledge against these 6 questions relating to atlantoaxial instability.

Quiz: Chronic thoracic limb lameness

This week's quiz features a 10yr Labrador Retriever with a 6-month history of left thoracic limb lameness. Test your neuro knowledge against these 4 questions!

Quiz: Mass on head

The picture above is a 7-year-old castrated male Labrador Retriever was presented for evaluation of a mass on the head. The neurological and physical exams were normal other than what is shown.

Quiz: Botulism

You are presented with a dog that has diffuse lower motor neuron dysfunction. One of your differential diagnoses is botulism. Test your neuro knowledge.

Quiz: Circling Boxer

You are presented with a 12-year-old intact male Boxer dog following a sudden onset of circling to the left. Test your neuro knowledge on these 4 questions.

Quiz: Traumatic brain injury

This week's quiz features 5 questions about traumatic brain injury.