Quiz: You have a lot of nerve!

Test your neuro skills on these 6 questions! Don't worry, we don't grade!

Quiz: MRI interpretation

Interpret this cat's MRI and answer 3 questions.

Quiz: Interpret radiograph

A 9-year-old FS German Shepherd Dog is presented for evaluation of vomiting

Quiz: Can you hear me now?

What is the smallest skeletal muscle in the body? What is its function and how is it innervated?

Quiz: Feline brain surgery

Brain surgery is performed on a cat (see image above). Test your neuro knowledge

Quiz: Boxer with neck pain

CSF analysis is performed on a 1-year-old spayed female Boxer (see image) that was presented for neck pain of 1 week duration. Interpret the CSF and answer additional questions.

Quiz: Random questions

Test your neuro knowledge against these 5 questions!

Quiz: Drooling & uncoordinated Golden

Test your neuro knowledge on these 3 questions about an ataxic & drooling Golden.

Quiz: Paraparetic Boxer

Test your neuro skills on these 4 questions about a paraparetic Boxer.

Quiz: A fantastic voyage

You are the star of the sequel to the Fantastic Voyage, but this time your submarine is injected into the right lateral ventricle. You must guide your submarine through the ventricular system.

Quiz: Lab with episodic weakness

You are presented with an 8-month-old intact male Labrador Retriever for possible seizures. The owner reports that the dog has been having episodes in which the dog becomes progressively weak and uncoordinated after intense play with the other dog in the family.

Quiz: Seizures

Test your neuro knowledge against these 4 seizure questions.