This membership plan provides access to select blog posts and the entire online textbook during your training program, including:

  • Neuro words for nerds
  • Wednesday quiz day
  • What’s your neuroanatomic diagnosis?
  • The entire online textbook


  • When you sign up, you’ll initially be registered for a lifetime “standard” membership.
  • To obtain student access to the site with access to the entire online textbook, you must email proof of student/trainee status to so that we can grant access.
    • For veterinary students & tech/nursing students, please send one of the following:
      • Photo of your student ID card
      • Letter of acceptance
      • Official, signed letter from admissions office
    • For interns & residents, send one of the following:
      • Intern/residency match letter
      • Link to your bio on official hospital website showing that you’re an intern/resident
      • Signed letter on official letterhead from intern/resident director or chief of staff

PLEASE INCLUDE MONTH/YEAR THAT YOUR TRAINING ENDS! Your membership will extend through that time.