Post-operative discospondylitis in neurosurgery

The goal of this study was to determine the incidence of post-operative discospondylitis following a neurosurgical procedure to treat intervertebral disc extrusion or protrusion.

Term: Spinal shock

Spinal shock is a condition characterized by temporary loss or reduction of spinal reflex activity caudal to a physiological or anatomical transection of the spinal cord. Click on post title to read more.

Quiz: Ventilation & c-spine disease

This week's quiz is about hypoventilation and cervical spinal cord disease.

Quiz: FCE prognostic indicators

What are the NEGATIVE prognostic indicators for fibrocartilaginous embolic myelopathy (FCEM)?

Term: Subarachnoid space

The subarachnoid space is the space between the pia mater (innermost) and arachnoid mater (middle later) of meninges. It consists of...

Term: Diastematomyelia

Diastematomyelia is a rare congenital spinal dysraphism in which there is...

Quiz: IVDD in dogs

Today's quiz has 3 questions regarding intervertebral disc disease in chondrodystrophic dogs.

Pain...what's in a name?

Many textbooks and instructors recommend testing patients for superficial and deep pain sensation in the limbs. However, we’re not actually testing our animal patients for pain sensation. Instead, we’re testing nociception and observing a behavioral response that we interpret as pain. Yesterday’s “neuro words for nerds” post on nociception explains the difference between nociception and pain. Today's post discusses superficial vs. deep "pain" and provides important tips for testing nociception in spinal cord patients.

Quiz: FCE prognostic indicators

Do you know the negative prognostic indicators for FCE? Test your knowledge!

Term: Syringomyelia

Syringomyelia is a disorder of the spinal cord characterized by replacement of spinal cord tissue by a fluid-filled cavity. Read more at

Quiz: Common causes of feline spinal cord disease

The 2 most common overall broad categories of disease affecting…

Quiz: Prognosis following surgery for IVDD

What is the prognosis following surgery for intervertebral disc disease in each of the following circumstances?