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It is essential to understand our brains in some detail if we are to assess correctly our place in this vast and complicated universe we see all around us.

Francis Crick (from What Mad Pursuit, 1988)


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Localize: Abnormal HL gait

9-year-old castrated male Flat Coated Retriever is brought in for evaluation of a 1-year history of slowly progressive abnormal hind limb gait, difficulty rising, difficulty going up stairs and jumping onto furniture, and pain

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  • Linda J.

    Thank you so much for this blog. I have learned a lot from it and love the quick, digestible format.

  • Justin G.

    Love your website and all the case studies and quizzes. It’s only too bad it wasn’t around when I was in school. Although, we never stop being students and resources like this are great.

  • Linda H.

    I just wanted to say thank you to the makers of this website. I am a fourth year vet student at Colorado State, and it’s been my dream to become a Veterinary Neurologist. I have found this website so helpful in my neurology rotations, and love the occasional quizzes and case studies. I appreciate the time you all put into recording and writing out these cases.

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COTM: Circling cat

A 10-year-old castrated male domestic longhaired cat was brought in for evaluation following a sudden onset of circling.

Imaging: Not just bilateral CCL

A 3-year-old castrated male Old English Bulldog was presented to the surgery department for evaluation of cruciate ligament injury, but the dog was unable to stand and walk on all four limbs.

Neuro briefs: January 2017

This month's briefs include hepatic encephalopathy, perioperative cefovecin vs. cefazolin, post-operative pneumorrhacis, and more.

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