FAQ: Student Subscription Information


The NeuroPetVet website is a membership site teaching clinical veterinary neurology to veterinary professionals.

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Here at NeuroPetVet, we believe in a strong educational foundation, so we provide the ENTIRE website at no charge while you’re in training AFTER you’ve provided proof of student status.

This offer is valid only for veterinary students, interns, residents, and veterinary technician/nursing students.


ALL blog posts

  • Neuro words for nerds: Each post provides the pronunciation, word origin, definition and clinical relevance.
  • Wednesday quiz day: Test your neurology knowledge. Don’t worry! We don’t grade!
  • What’s your neurolocalization? Each post provides a real-world case to practice localizing lesions.
  • Case of the month: Each month we post an interesting case for you to work through from start to finish
  • Imaging diagnosis: These posts include information about neuroimaging and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Journal club: Life is hectic and finding time to read articles is challenging. These posts provide brief summaries of clinical neurology articles, as well as occasional non-neurology articles that we find interesting.
  • Tips & tricks: These posts discuss a variety and tips and tricks to help you in the clinic.

ALL online textbook disease pages

Continually updated clinical neurology information

Student membership is only valid for:

  • Veterinary students
  • Veterinary interns
  • Veterinary residents
  • Veterinary technician students
  • Veterinary nursing students


NOTE: You MUST sign up on the website prior to submitting proof of student status. After signing up, please email your proof of student status to update your account. You will have limited access to the site until we obtain proof of student status.

Examples of proof of student status include:

  • Photo of student ID card
  • Letter of admission to your school
  • Internship or residency offer letter
  • A letter on official letterhead from the Dean’s office
  • A letter on official letterhead from your mentor or chief of staff
  • Link to a website showing your official bio

You can e-mail your proof of student status.

BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR MONTH AND YEAR OF EXPECTED GRADUATION so we can extend membership through then.