Term: Myokymia

Myokymia is an involuntary, spontaneous, localized quivering of a few bundles within a muscle or a few muscle groups, but without sufficient force to move a joint.

Term: Central cord syndrome

Central cord syndrome occurs when there is disease or injury within the central region of the spinal cord and causes thoracic limb weakness that is worse than pelvic limb weakness. 

$#!T Swearing can be helpful

If you're like me, you let out a doozy of a swear word when you stub your toe. We've all assumed that swearing lessens the pain, otherwise why do it? But, does it really?

Term: Xeromycteria

Pronounced: zē′rō-mik-tē′rē-ă Etymology: From xero- ("dry")…

Maropitant reduces vomiting from hydromorphone

Source: Claude AK, Dedeaux A, Chiavaccini L, et al. Effects…

Cat with seizures

A 9yr MC DSH cat was presented to the ER Department following a sudden onset of episodes characterized by meowing incessantly, curling up into a ball to his right, and circling to the right at times