Term: Marcus Gunn pupil

The term Marcus Gunn pupil refers to a syndrome in which the affected pupil appears to dilate, rather than constrict, when light is shone into the affected eye while performing a swinging-flashlight test.

COTM: Baker's dozen 2014

The cat was brought in to the Neurology Department for evaluation of circling to the left. He had been pacing and circling to the left (wide circles).

Term: Hemineglect

Hemineglect is a syndrome characterized by decreased attention or awareness of one side of space, usually contralateral to a forebrain lesion.

Labradoodle with progressive weakness

This month's case is a 5yr MC Labradoodle that was presented to our ER Department for rapidly progressive weakness. He became weak earlier that afternoon. While the owner was outside raking leaves, he laid down and was then unable to stand/walk on his pelvic limbs.