Quiz: Myasthenia gravis

You have a patient with weakness and exercise intolerance that…

Term: Extrapyramidal

Extrapyramidal refers to the motor tracts that arise outside the cerebral cortex.

Imaging diagnosis: Paraparetic Boston

10yr MC Boston Terrier that was acutely unable to walk on pelvic limbs

Quiz: Peripheral nerve regrowth


Term: Neurotmesis

Neurotmesis is complete severance of the entire nerve fiber, including the axon, myelin sheath, Schwann cells and endoneurium.

Quiz: Menace response

By what age do normal dogs & cats develop a positive menace…

Term: Falx cerebri

The falx cerebri is the vertical fold of meninges on the dorsal midline between the two cerebral hemispheres.

Term: Intention tremor

An intention tremor is a form of dysmetria characterized by a large amplitude (broad & coarse), low frequency tremor that increases in severity as the affected extremity approaches its intended target.

Blind Maltese

The dog was brought in to the Ophthalmology Department following an acute onset of blindness. Ocular examination revealed no obvious cause for the blindness.