Quiz: Prognosis following surgery for IVDD

What is the prognosis following surgery for intervertebral disc disease in each of the following circumstances?

Historical perspective: Brachial plexus injury as a contributing factor to World War I?

Yesterday's "Neuro words for nerds" post discussed Wallerian degeneration. Did you know that a peripheral nerve injury and the subsequent Wallerian degeneration may have been a contributing factor to the start of World War I?

Term: Wallerian degeneration

Wallerian degeneration refers to the axonal and myelin degeneration that occurs distal to a site of injury.

Quiz: Organisms in discospondylitis

What organisms are most commonly identified in discospondylitis?

Term: Craniotomy

craniectomy is a surgical procedure in which the skull bone flap is not replaced at the end of the surgical procedure.

Quiz: FCE and breed predilection

Which of the following breeds is at highest risk for Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE)?

Wednesday quiz day: Tetraparetic Husky

You are presented with a 1-year-old FS Siberian Husky with rapidly…

Term: Schiff-Sherrington

Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome is a body posture characterized by rigid extension of the thoracic limbs sometimes observed in patients with severe T2-L4 spinal cord injury.

Quiz: Abnormal CSF

CSF is obtained from a dog that was presented for seizures and circling to the left. What abnormalities do you see and what diagnostics are recommended?

Term: Lissencephaly

Lissencephaly literally means smooth brain...

LHL weakness in a Lab

The dog was referred to the Neurology Department for evaluation following a sudden onset of left pelvic limb weakness one week earlier.