Term: Myelomalacia

Myelomalacia literally means "soft spinal cord." It is used most commonly in veterinary medicine as part of a pathological processed called ascending-descending myelomalacia (a.k.a., hemorrhagic myelomalacia).

Quiz: Neck pain & fever

You are presented with a 1-year-old, castrated male Beagle for evaluation of a 1-week history of pain and abnormal gait. The patient's general physical exam is normal other than a body temperature of 103.7oF (39.8oC). The neurological exam revealed neck pain and a stiff, slow gait on all 4 limbs. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the patient's clinical signs?

Term: Jacksonian seizure

A Jacksonian seizure (a.k.a., Jacksonian march) is a specific…

Quiz: Phenobarb level timing

Today's quiz is about phenobarbital blood levels. 

Question: How long after administration of phenobarbital should a serum phenobarbital blood level be determined?

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Term: Drop metastases

Drop metastases are tumors that spread through the CSF ventricular pathways to distant sites. They have been reported with

Quiz: Organisms causing otitis interna

Today's quiz is about the common organisms and routes of infection for otitis media-interna in dogs.

Term: Catamenial epilepsy

A form of epilepsy characterized by change in seizure frequency associated with hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle

Quiz: Common causes of feline spinal cord disease

The 2 most common overall broad categories of disease affecting…

Term: Foramen of Monro

The foramen of Monro (a.k.a., interventricular foramen) are channels that connect the lateral ventricles to the third ventricle allowing CSF to pass to the rest of the ventricular system.

Tetraparetic Yorkie

This month's case is a Yorkie that had a sudden onset of lameness/weakness in the hind limbs the night before presentation that had progressed to inability to walk on all 4 limbs by the following morning.