Term: Strabismus

Strabismus is a visual defect in which one eye cannot focus on

Mass on dog's head

What is the most likely cause of this dog's skull mass?

Term: Caudal fossa

The caudal fossa is the cavity in the caudal portion of the cranial vault between the...

Greyhound w/ gluteal atrophy

This week’s case is a 5-year-old FS Greyhound that was referred for evaluation of muscle atrophy around the hind end.

Boxer with facial droop

This week’s case is a 9-year-old FS Boxer that was presented to the ER Department for evaluation of a right-sided facial droop. The dog’s gait and postural reactions were normal.

Cutaneus trunci reflex

As part of the neurologic exam of a dog, you find the following when testing the cutaneus trunci reflex...

Term: Dystonia

Dystonia literally means “abnormal tone.” It is a movement disorder that is characterized by...

Cat with acute inability to walk

This week’s case is a 12-year-old FS DSH cat with a sudden onset of right pelvic limb weakness progressing to inability to walk on the pelvic limbs by one week. Watch the video below and localize the lesion.

Abnormal posture in a cat

This week's quiz depicts an abnormal body posture in a cat. Name the body posture depicted in the picture. What does this indicate?

Term: Ependyma

The ependyma is the epithelial lining of the...