Term: Strabismus

Strabismus is a visual defect in which one eye cannot focus on

Mass on dog's head

What is the most likely cause of this dog's skull mass?

Term: Caudal fossa

The caudal fossa is the cavity in the caudal portion of the cranial vault between the...

Greyhound w/ gluteal atrophy

This week’s case is a 5-year-old FS Greyhound that was referred for evaluation of muscle atrophy around the hind end.

Boxer with facial droop

This week’s case is a 9-year-old FS Boxer that was presented to the ER Department for evaluation of a right-sided facial droop. The dog’s gait and postural reactions were normal.

Cutaneus trunci reflex

As part of the neurologic exam of a dog, you find the following when testing the cutaneus trunci reflex...

Term: Dystonia

Dystonia literally means “abnormal tone.” It is a movement disorder that is characterized by...

Cat with acute inability to walk

This week’s case is a 12-year-old FS DSH cat with a sudden onset of right pelvic limb weakness progressing to inability to walk on the pelvic limbs by one week. Watch the video below and localize the lesion.

Abnormal posture in a cat

This week's quiz depicts an abnormal body posture in a cat. Name the body posture depicted in the picture. What does this indicate?

Term: Ependyma

The ependyma is the epithelial lining of the...

Bichon mix with abnormal gait

The patient was referred to our hospital for evaluation of abnormal gait thought to be due to intervertebral disc disease.