Quiz: Lesion localization

You are presented with a dog that has the following neurological…

Term: Polyradiculoneuritis

Polyradiculoneuritis is inflammation of multiple nerve roots.

Term: Corona radiata

Corona radiata refers the fan-like white matter tracts that project...

Ataxic Frenchie

This week’s case is a 6-year-old FS French Bulldog with an acute onset of ataxia. Watch the video and localize the lesion.

Quiz: Metronidazole intoxication

This week's quiz features 3 questions regarding metronidazole intoxication.

Term: Diastematomyelia

Diastematomyelia is a rare congenital spinal dysraphism in which there is...

Quiz: Optic nerve throwdown

What percentage of optic nerve axons cross midline to enter the contralateral optic tract in dogs, cats and humans?

Term: Afferent vs. efferent

This week's post describes the difference between afferent and efferent nerve fibers.

To pee, or not to pee, that is the question

This week's Wednesday quiz day post is about micturition in dogs & cats.

Paraparetic Newfoundland

This month's case is a 7-year-old intact male Newfoundland that was referred for evaluation of progressive difficulty walking and trouble going up stairs.