Quiz: Cranial nerve outside the brain?

This week's quiz is about the only cranial nerve that originates, in part, in the spinal cord. Do you know which nerve this is, what it innervates, and its pathway?

Term: Mydriasis

This week's neuro word for nerds is mydriasis. Learn the definition and more about the pronunciation, etymology, and clincial relevance at NeuroPetVet.

NADX? Paraparetic Bengal

This week’s neurolocalization case is a 12-year-old spayed female Bengal cat that was presented for evaluation of pelvic limb weakness and incoordination. Two days prior to referral, she had an acute onset of yowling and inability to walk on her pelvic limbs.

Quiz: Clinical neuroanatomy

Which of the following clinical signs would be most likely if a patient had a mass that obstructed only the foramen shown above (arrow)?

Term: Cushing Reflex

Evidence of a Cushing Reflex in a neurologic patient should prompt rapid treatment to reduce intracranial pressure (ICP). Read more how changes in ICP can lead to a Cushing Reflex.

NADX? Nonambulatory Labrador

This week’s neurolocalization case is a 5-year-old castrated male Labrador Retriever with an acute onset of pelvic limb weakness the night before admission progressing to inability to walk on all four limbs the following day.

Quiz: Vestibular signs in a Greyhound

You are presented with a 10-year-old castrated male Greyhound following a sudden onset of incoordination and head tilt the day before. Review the exam and answer the 5 questions below.

Term: Gliosis

Gliosis is a nonspecific proliferation of...Click on post title/image to read more.

NADX? Lab "unable to walk"

This week’s neurolocalization case is an 11-year-old spayed female Labrador Retriever that was brought in to the emergency department for “inability to walk.” She was previously diagnosed with bilateral laryngeal paralysis that was confirmed via lightly-sedated laryngeal exam and was being treated medically for the condition. Click on post title/image to test your localization skills.

Quiz: CSF diagnosis?

You are presented with an 11-month-old castrated male for lethargy, non-localizable pain, seizures and fever. Can you answer these 4 questions?

Term: Allodynia

Today's Neuro Word for Nerds is allodynia. Read the definition and learn more about etymology and clinical relevance.

NADX? Ataxic & fecal incontinent cat

This week’s neurolocalization case is a 9-month-old spayed female Burmese that was referred for ataxia and fecal incontinence.