Localize: Lame Lab

An 8-year-old castrated male Labrador Retriever was referred for thoracic limb lameness/weakness of 1-month duration.

Quiz: Vertebral anatomy

Test your neuro skills! Can you identify the numbered structures in this MRI image?

Term: Paresthesia

Paresthesia is an abnormal sensation usually described as...Click on post title to read more.

NADX? Post dental neuro signs

An 8-year-old spayed female Yorkshire terrier develops progressive neurological signs after a routine dental prophylaxis with tooth extractions. Test your localization skills.

Quiz: MRI Dx and other questions

This week's quiz centers around the diagnosis of a dog with low back pain and other signs. Click on post title to take the quiz.

Term: Hemilaminectomy

The word hemilaminectomy can be divided into its component parts to easily derive the definition...click on post title to read more!

NADX? Coton de Tulear with HL weakness

A 3-year-old spayed female Coton de Tulear was brought in for evaluation of inability to walk on the pelvic limbs. Watch the video and localize the lesion.

Quiz: Abnormal body posture in down dog

This week's quiz concerns a dog with an abnormal posture after an acute onset of paraplegia that occur after jumping up to catch a Frisbee.

Facial & vestibular neuropathy of unknown origin

The goals of this study were to describe the clinical details, imaging findings, CSF analysis results, and long-term follow-up of dogs with facial paralysis (FP) and peripheral vestibular neuropathy of unknown origin (FVNUO).

Term: Myxedema

Myxedema is a disorder characterized by swelling of the dermis from excessive...Click on post title to read full definition, pronunciation, etymology, and more about its clinical relevance in vet med.

NADX? Cat with "odd" gait

A 2-year-old spayed female domestic longhair cat was presented for evaluation following a sudden onset of abnormal right thoracic limb gait. Click on post title to read more and practice neurolocalization.

Quiz: Wink, wink!

Today's quiz is about the palpebral reflex. Click on post title to test your knowledge.