Term: Decerebrate

This week's Neuro Words for Nerds term is decerebrate. Read more about the definition, historical perspective, and clinical relevance.

Localize: Boston with thoracic limb lameness

A 9-year-old castrated male Boston Terrier was referred for evaluation of progressive thoracic limb lameness. There had been no response to carprofen and tramadol. Read post to test your localization skills.

Tip: Check the nails

Unsure if a patient is scuffing or dragging hind limbs? Check out this tip!

Quiz: Ataxia and conscious perception

This week's quiz is about ataxia and conscious perception. Test your neuro knowledge!

Imaging: MRI of vestibular dog

A 5-year-old Terrier mix is presented for evaluation of “seizures” that turned out to be vestibular episodes. MRI was performed. What is your MRI diagnosis?

Term: Polymyositis

This week's Neuro Words for Nerds term is polymyositis, which refers to inflammation...

Seizures from Leishmania-induced hyperviscosity

This article describes two dogs that had seizures presumably due to Leishmania-induced hyperviscosity syndrome (HVS).

Localize: Hemiparetic Boston

A 12-year-old Boston Terrier was brought into the Neurology Department for evaluation of incoordination and weakness. Watch the video and localize the lesion.

Imaging: Acute LHL monoplegia

A 4-year-old spayed female Siberian Husky is brought in for evaluation of an acute onset of inability to walk. What is your MRI diagnosis?

Quiz: Dizzy dog

Quiz: Dizzy dog. Can you answer these 3 questions about a dog with a head tilt and ataxia?

Term: Spinal shock

Spinal shock is a condition characterized by temporary loss or reduction of spinal reflex activity caudal to a physiological or anatomical transection of the spinal cord. Click on post title to read more.

Poll: Methylpred in back dogs?

Do you use SoluMedrol or PEG in parapelgic dogs? Click post title to participate in these two anonymous poll questions.