Quiz: To chew or not to chew...

This week's Wednesday Quiz Day topic is the muscles of mastication. Test your neuro knowledge!

Term: Coup-contrecoup injury

The term coup-contrecoup is used most often in descriptions of traumatic brain injury (TBI; e.g., motor vehicle accident). Click on post title to read more about coup & contrecoup injuries.

Terms: Prefixes & suffixes

There are numerous medical terms that we have to learn. Fortunately, many of these terms can be broken down into their component parts of prefix, root word, and suffix, allowing us to quickly and easily recognize the meaning of the word without rote memorization.

Localize: Disoriented & ataxic cat

A 10-year-old castrated male DLH cat was brought in for evaluation of weakness & incoordination. About a month earlier, the cat was treated for an ear infection by his local veterinarian with topical ear drops.

Localize: Weak Peke

An 11-year-old castrated male Pekingese mix is brought in for acute, progressive pelvic limb weakness. Click on post title to test your localization skills.

Quiz: What is this contrast enhancing structure?

Identify this normal intracranial structure. What is its function? What other normal intracranial structures can be contrast enhancing?

Term: Ventriculitis

Ventriculitis is inflammation of the ventricles in the brain. Click on post title to read more about the etymology, pronunciation, and clinical relevance.

Localize: GSHP with incidental finding

A 12-year-old intact male German Shorthair Pointer was presented for evaluation of acute, progressive pelvic limb weakness, but an incidental finding was made during neurological examination. What is your neurolocalization for this finding?

Journal: Keppra not effective as monotherapy?

The goal of this single-blinded parallel group trial was to investigate the use of levetiracetam as a first-line anticonvulsant for dogs.

Quiz: About a stiff/stilted dog

You are presented with a 20 kg, 7-month-old spayed female German Shepherd mix for difficulty eating and picking up toys. Test your neuro skills by answering three questions about this dog.

Term: Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a condition characterized by excessive daytime... Click on post title to learn the definition and origin of the term.

Localize: Acutely circling cat

A 7-year-old castrated male DSH cat was brought into the Neurology Department following an acute onset of circling. Watch the neurological exam video and localize the lesion.