Localize: Cat with abnormal pupils

A 2-year-old castrated male domestic shorthair cat was brought into the emergency department for evaluation of abnormal pupil size.

Quiz: MRI anatomy

Can you identify these structures commonly observed on MRI?

Term: Xerostomia

This week's term is xerostomia, an excessive dryness of...

Localize: Rat Terrier w/ left-sided weakness

A 5-year-old castrated male Rat Terrier was brought in for weakness. Six months earlier, he had an episode of left-sided weakness, incoordination, and he could barely walk at the time.

Quiz: Patellar reflex in dogs

1. What nerve is being tested in the image above and where does…

Term: Vermis

The term vermis refers to the medial lobe/division of the cerebellum, so-called because of its...

Localize: Cat "unable to walk"

An 8-year-old castrated male DSH cat was brought in for evaluation of an acute onset of being "unable to walk on the pelvic limbs." Watch the video and localize the lesion.

Quiz: Cat presented for seizures

A middle-aged domestic shorthaired cat is presented for evaluation…

Term: Hyperacusis

This week's neuro words for nerds term is hyperacusis. Read more about the definition, clinical relevance and notable historical figures that suffered from the condition.

Localize: Wobbly Rottie mix

A 14-year-old spayed female Rottweiler mix was brought in following an acute onset of difficulty walking about two hours earlier. Click on post title to practice lesion localization.

Quiz: Acute hypermetria & vestibular ataxia

You are presented with a dog with an acute onset of vestibular ataxia and hypermetria. MRI is performed. Answer these 3 questions about the case.

Term: Intrathecal

The term intrathecal typically refers to the subarachnoid space. Click on post title to read more about the pronunciation, etymology, and clinical relevance.