Localize: Weak mixed breed dog

7-year-old spayed female mix breed dog brought in for acute onset of pelvic limb weakness

Quiz: Circling Boxer

You are presented with a 12-year-old intact male Boxer dog following a sudden onset of circling to the left. Test your neuro knowledge on these 4 questions.

Neuro words for nerds crossword

Trying something fun this week! Check out the first Neuro Words for Nerds crossword puzzle!

Localize: LHL weakness in a Lab mix

A 6-year-old castrated male Lab mix was presented to the Emergency Department for evaluation of a sudden onset of abnormal gait two hours earlier. No known trauma.

Quiz: Traumatic brain injury

This week's quiz features 5 questions about traumatic brain injury.

Term: Stupor

Level of consciousness in which the patient is non-responsive except to a noxious stimulus (e.g., pain). Click on post title to read more about the etymology and clinical relevance.

Localize: Belgian Tervuren with thoracic limb lameness

11-year-old spayed female Belgian Tervuren referred for evaluation of thoracic limb lameness

Quiz: Withdrawal reflex

What is shown in this video and what does it signify?

Term: Leptomeninges

This week's Neuro Words for Nerds term is leptomeninges. Read more about the definition, etymology and clinical relevance.

Localize: Cat with dilated pupils

A 10-year-old castrated male Burmese cat was referred by a local ophthalmologist for neurological evaluation. Five days earlier, the owner noticed that the cat’s pupils were dilated.

Quiz: Cat with seizures & behavior change

MRI is performed on a cat and a mass is identified. What clinical signs might you expect and what treatment options are available?

Imaging Dx: Dog with neck pain

MRI is performed on a dog with neck pain but no other neurologic deficits. Interpret the image. What is the likely cause for this dog's neck pain?