Localize: Nonambulatory Beagle mix

12-year-old FS Beagle mix presented for inability to walk. Lethargic and walking slowly the day before.

Quiz: Paraparetic Boxer

Test your neuro skills on these 4 questions about a paraparetic Boxer.

Term: Pneumorrhachis

Pneumorrhachis is gas (air) within the...Click on post title to read the full definition, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Localize: Circling Terrier Mix

9-year-old spayed female Terrier mix was brought in for pacing, getting stuck in corners, and staring at walls.

Quiz: A fantastic voyage

You are the star of the sequel to the Fantastic Voyage, but this time your submarine is injected into the right lateral ventricle. You must guide your submarine through the ventricular system.

Term: Tentorium cerebelli

A fold of dura between the occipital lobes and the...Click on post title to read full definition, etymology and clincila relevance.

Localize: Lab referred for RHL knuckling

An 11-year-old spayed female Labrador Retriever was referred for knuckling over on the right pelvic limb. About 3 weeks earlier, the dog was runing after another dog, fell and twisted her back, and came up lame/weak in the right pelvic limb.

Quiz: Lab with episodic weakness

You are presented with an 8-month-old intact male Labrador Retriever for possible seizures. The owner reports that the dog has been having episodes in which the dog becomes progressively weak and uncoordinated after intense play with the other dog in the family.

Term: Decussation

An X-shaped crossing of nerve fibers from...click on post title to read more about the pronunciation, etymology and definition.

Localize: Chronic abnormal gait in mix breed

An 8-year-old castrated male mixed breed dog was referred for neurologic evaluation after failing to respond to medical management with carprofen and gabapentin.

COTM: Neurologic Catahoula

A 2-year-old FS Catahula dog is presented with multiple neurologic deficits.