Term: Funiculus

Any of the 3 major divisions of white matter in...

Localize: Ataxic Ragdoll

A 12-year-old castrated male Ragdoll was brought in for evaluation following an acute onset of incoordination after being groomed.

Quiz: Boxer with neck pain

CSF analysis is performed on a 1-year-old spayed female Boxer (see image) that was presented for neck pain of 1 week duration. Interpret the CSF and answer additional questions.

Term: Schmorl node

A defect in the vertebral endplate thought to be due to...

Localize: Miniature Schnauzer biting flank

A 4 yr male Miniature Schnauzer was presented for evaluation of episodes of licking at his tail and pelvic limb paws.

Quiz: Random questions

Test your neuro knowledge against these 5 questions!

Term: Penumbra

The penumbra is the area of ischemic tissue around an infarct that...

Neuro briefs: January 2017

This month's briefs include hepatic encephalopathy, perioperative cefovecin vs. cefazolin, post-operative pneumorrhacis, and more.

Localize: Weak St. Bernard

6 yr MC St. Bernard brought in for evaluation of progressive weakness

Imaging: What is this MRI abnormality?

Identify the structure/abnormality indicated in these MR images and discuss its significance.

Term: Basal nuclei

Basal nuclei: Collection of subcortical... Click on post title to read more

Localize: Ataxic cat

8yr MC DSH cat presented for an acute onset of weakness and incoordination