Term: Nerve

A cordlike bundle of fibers that conveys motor or sensory information between...

Localize: Horner Syndrome in cat

14yr FS Burmese cat was referred for possible Horner Syndrome

Quiz: MRI interpretation

Interpret this cat's MRI and answer 3 questions.

Term: Oligodendrocyte

Oligodendrocytes (a.k.a., oligos) are one of the types of neuroglial cells whose main function is...

Localize: Sensitive to touch

An 8-year-old castrated male Labrador Retriever mix was brought in for evaluation of marked sensitivity to touch.

Quiz: Interpret radiograph

A 9-year-old FS German Shepherd Dog is presented for evaluation of vomiting

Term: Statoconia

Microscopic crystalline bodies made of calcium carbonate and protein that are...

Localize: Neuro signs after dog attack

A 4-year-old castrated male Chihuahua was presented to the Emergency Department after being attacked by a larger dog.

Quiz: Can you hear me now?

What is the smallest skeletal muscle in the body? What is its function and how is it innervated?

Term: Presbycusis

Presbycusis: Progressive, bilaterally symmetrical age-related hearing loss that is not due to...

Localize: Progressively weak Chihuahua

A 7 1/2 yr castrated male Chihuahua was presented to the emergency…

COTM: Weimaraner with HL tremors

A 12-year-old castrated male Weimaraner was presented to the Neurology Department for evaluation of pelvic limb tremors and LS pain.