Localize: Down Miniature Schnauzer

5-year-old castrated male Miniature Schnauzer is presented for an acute onset of inability to walk

Quiz: PLR and anisocoria

Test your neuro knowledge against today's questions about PLR and anisocoria.

Term: Otoacoustic emission

The cochlea doesn't just receive and transmit sounds, it can also produce sounds.

Localize: Weak Cocker

7-year-old spayed female Cocker Spaniel is brought in for evaluation following an acute onset of pelvic limb weakness 2 days earlier.

Quiz: Dog hit-by-car

A dog suffers unknown trauma (presumed hit by car). What will his urinary status be?

Term: Hypnagogic myoclonus

Hypnagogic myoclonus is a form of physiologic myoclonus characterized by...

Localize: Paraparetic Pug

12-year-old spayed female Pug is brought in with a 6-month history of progressive pelvic limb weakness and incoordination

Quiz: Myelogram in a 4 month dog

Interpret the myelogram for a 4-month-old Golden Retriever with progressive weakness.

Crossword #3

Test your neuro words for nerds vocabulary on this crossword puzzle! Complete online or download PDF version at bottom of page.

Localize: LFL lame Bull Mastiff

8 1/2 year castrated male Bull Mastiff presented with a 4-6 week history of left thoracic limb lameness

Quiz: Thoracic limbs weaker

9-year-old female Labrador Retriever is presented following an acute onset of severe weakness of the thoracic limbs

Term: Aphonia

Aphonia is an inability to speak due to...