Term: Ependymoma

Ependymoma: a tumor arising from the...

Localize: Restless Maine Coon

9 yr castrated male Maine Coon cat was brought in for evaluation of restlessness of three day's duration

Quiz: Drooling English Setter

7-year-old spayed female English Setter is presented for evaluation of drooling

Imaging: Tetraparetic mixed breed dog

A 7-year-old castrated male mixed breed dog is brought in for evaluation following a peracute onset of inability to walk on all four limbs.

Localize: Shaking & trembling Coton de Tulear

4 yr FS Coton de Tulear is brought in for evaluation following an acute onset of shaking and trembling progressing to inability to walk

Term: Nephroblastoma

Want to know how a kidney tumor relates to neurology? Check out this post!

Localize: Boxer with seizures

9 yr FS Boxer brought in following a seizure and then other neurologic signs

Quiz: Wink, wink!

What is being tested and what nerves are involved?

The impact of epilepsy on pet caregivers

Epilepsy is the most common neurologic disorder of dogs. A recent study published in JAAHA analyzed the effects on epilepsy on pet caregivers.

Localize: Uncoordinated Frenchie

6-year-old spayed female French Bulldog with a sudden onset of incoordination

Term: Conus medullaris

The conical tapered end of the...

COTM: Tetraparetic Cockapoo

10 yr MC Cockapoo brought in for evaluation following a peracute onset of inability to walk.