Term: Craniectomy

A craniectomy is a surgical procedure in which the...

Localize: Nonambulatory Peke

12-year-old castrated male Pekingese was brought in following a sudden onset of inability to walk

Quiz: About a nonambulatory Corgi

Test your knowledge on these 4 questions about a nonambulatory Corgi.

Localize: Lame German Shepherd

7 1/2 yr castrated male German Shepherd is presented with a 2-month history hind limb lameness/weakness not responding to medical management with meloxicam and tramado

Imaging: MRI from paraparetic cat

MRI is performed on a 2-year-old castrated male DSH cat with severe nonambulatory paraparesis and ataxia

Term: Choroid plexus

Tufts of epithelial-lined capillaries that...

Localize: Beagle mouth "pain"

A 4-year-old castrated male Beragle is brought in for mouth "pain."

Quiz: Encephalitis

Test your neuro knowledge against these 4 questions concerning encephalitis.

COTM: Beagle mix with neck pain

9yr FS Beagle mix brought in for evaluation of progressive pain despite activity restriction, carprofen, and gabapentin

Localize: Droopy eye cat

12 year castrated male indoor-only DSH cat was brought in for evaluation of a droopy eye