Terms: Words for nerds crossword

Test your vocabulary on today's Neuro Words for Nerds crossword puzzle!

Localize: Down Lab

10yr FS Lab with progressive pelvic limb weakness/incoordination over the past few months

Localize: Circling cat

7-year-old MC DSH cat is brought in for an acute onset of circling

Term: Postural tremor

A tremor that occurs with the maintenance of a posture or position against...

Localize: Korat cat with LFL weakness

9 yr MC Korat cat is brought in for several month history of progressive left thoracic limb weakness

Quiz: Tremoring Min Pin

2yr MC Miniature Pinscher with diffuse, whole-body small amplitude, high frequency tremors

Imaging: Norwich Terrier with seizures

MRI from a 6yr MC Norwich Terrier with an acute onset of seizures

COTM: Incontinent Bulldog puppy

2-month-old male Bulldog presented for urine scald and inability to empty the bladder without manual expression