Localize: Painful chewing

6yr MC Labrador presented with a three-week history of difficulty/pain when opening his jaw

Term: Risus sardonicus

The latin term risus sarcondicus literally translates to "sardonic smile." It is one of the hallmark features of tetanus, along with...

Localize: Paraparetic Cocker Spaniel

7-year-old castrated male Cocker Spaniel with several weeks of progressive pelvic limb weakness

Quiz: Serum phenobarbital levels

Test your neuro knowledge against these 2 phenobarbital blood level timing questions.

Localize: Masticatory myositis?

An 8-year-old dog is referred for possible masticatory muscle myositis.

COTM: Intermittent back pain

12-year-old castrated male Jack Russel Terrier was presented for evaluation of intermittent back pain and reluctance to walk