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  1. nikvet@mail.ru
    nikvet@mail.ru says:

    Dear Doctor. 2 questions :
    1. Did you prescribe any antibiotics or not?
    2. What is the purpose of prednisone usage – for Bladder or for spinal damage?
    Thanks !

  2. neuropetvet
    neuropetvet says:

    Sorry, forgot to reply to your questions…
    1. No antibiotics – hematuria was likely induced by trauma and urine culture was negative so I didn’t prescribe them
    2. Prednisone was for the spinal cord – partially to help the spinal cord injury, but also to help with pain relief…here in the USA, we are having a national shortage of opioids and many other medications, so our anesthesiologist has recommended we use low-dose prednisone as part of a multimodal pain management protocol

  3. loulou1
    loulou1 says:

    Very interesting case, thank you for sharing with us who are still learning. As good old Shakespeare said: All is well that ends well.
    Thank you very much, indeed.

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