Journal club

Life is hectic and finding time to read articles is challenging. These posts provide brief summaries of clinical neurology articles, as well as occasional non-neurology articles that we find interesting.

Neuro briefs: January 2017

This month's briefs include hepatic encephalopathy, perioperative cefovecin vs. cefazolin, post-operative pneumorrhacis, and more.

Journal club: Vertebral chondrosarcoma in 6 dogs

Vertebral chondrosarcoma is uncommon to rare. This retrospective review described 6 dogs with histologically-confirmed chondrosarcoma.

Journal: Keppra not effective as monotherapy?

The goal of this single-blinded parallel group trial was to investigate the use of levetiracetam as a first-line anticonvulsant for dogs.

Post-operative discospondylitis in neurosurgery

The goal of this study was to determine the incidence of post-operative discospondylitis following a neurosurgical procedure to treat intervertebral disc extrusion or protrusion.

Seizures from Leishmania-induced hyperviscosity

This article describes two dogs that had seizures presumably due to Leishmania-induced hyperviscosity syndrome (HVS).

Facial & vestibular neuropathy of unknown origin

The goals of this study were to describe the clinical details, imaging findings, CSF analysis results, and long-term follow-up of dogs with facial paralysis (FP) and peripheral vestibular neuropathy of unknown origin (FVNUO).

Methylpred and PEG in acute Type I IVDD

Acute spinal cord injury (SCI) secondary to external trauma or intervertebral disc disease is a common cause of paresis and ataxia in people and dogs. This study examined the use of methylprednisolone or PEG compared to saline placebo in paraplegic dogs with absent nociception.

Gluten-free diet may help “Spike’s Disease”

This small study examines the clinical and serological effect of a gluten-free diet in Border Terriers with Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome ("Spike's Disease").

Cervical foraminal disc extrusion in dogs

This was a retrospective study that reviewed the medical records of dogs with cervical intervertebral foraminal disc extrusion (CIFDE).

Risk factors and outcomes in myasthenic cats

The objective of this study were to expand on a previous study of 105 cats, to document the results of treatment (medical or surgical) in myasthenic cats with mediastinal mass, and to evaluate whether cats go into spontaneous remission.

Seizures in dogs ≥ 5 yrs of age

The goal of this study was to better characterize seizures in older dogs.

Should screening AUS be performed before MRI?

When asked what the minimum database is for practically any disorder, including neurologic disease, the "knee-jerk" response is often: CBC, chem, T4, UA, blood pressure, thoracic rads and abdominal ultrasound (AUS). But, does this hold up under scrutiny? This study aimed to answer that question at least with regard to AUS.