Neuro Words for Nerds


Each week’s Neuro Words for Nerds post defines a neurology term, its pronunciation, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Term: Choroid plexus

Tufts of epithelial-lined capillaries that...

Term: Ependymoma

Ependymoma: a tumor arising from the...

Term: Nephroblastoma

Want to know how a kidney tumor relates to neurology? Check out this post!

Term: Conus medullaris

The conical tapered end of the...

Term: Axonotmesis

Axonotmesis is an interruption of the axon and...

Term: Rhombencephalon

The rhombencephalon is the portion of the developing embryonic brain that gives rise to...

Term: Substantia grisea centralis

The term substantia grisea centralis translates literally to central grey substance. Read more about this region's interesting functions.

Term: Bregma

The bregma is the point of crossing of the...

Term: Prehension

This week's neuro words for nerds term is prehension. Read more about the definition, its eytmology, and clinical relevance to neurology.

Term: Hippocampus

Did you know that the hippocampus shares the name of a mythological sea monster?

Term: Cavernous sinus syndrome

A syndrome characterized by dysfunction of multiple cranial nerves that pass by the...

Term: Intorsion

Inward rotation of the dorsal aspect of the...