Neuro Words for Nerds


Each week’s Neuro Words for Nerds post defines a neurology term, its pronunciation, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Term: Prehension

This week's neuro words for nerds term is prehension. Read more about the definition, its eytmology, and clinical relevance to neurology.

Term: Hippocampus

Did you know that the hippocampus shares the name of a mythological sea monster?

Term: Cavernous sinus syndrome

A syndrome characterized by dysfunction of multiple cranial nerves that pass by the...

Term: Intorsion

Inward rotation of the dorsal aspect of the...

Term: Kindling

Process in which repeated low-level, subconvulsive, electrical or chemical stimulation lowers the...

Term: Repetitive nerve stimulation

Repetitive nerve stimulation (RNS) is a form of motor nerve conduction study in which...

Term: Osmotic myelinolysis

Dissolution of the myelin sheaths of nerve fibers due to...

Term: Dermatome

A cutaneous region that is supplied by...

Term: Pneumocephalus

Pneumocephalus is the presence of gas (usually air) in the...

Term: Otoacoustic emission

The cochlea doesn't just receive and transmit sounds, it can also produce sounds.

Term: Hypnagogic myoclonus

Hypnagogic myoclonus is a form of physiologic myoclonus characterized by...

Crossword #3

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