Neuro Words for Nerds


Each week’s Neuro Words for Nerds post defines a neurology term, its pronunciation, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Terms: Spinal cord crossword

This week's neuro words for nerds post is a new crossword puzzle.

Term: Myotonia

This week's neuro words for nerds term is myotonia. Read more about the etymology, definition and clinical relevance.

Term: Solve the rebus #1

Solve the rebus puzzle to view this week's neuro words for nerds term.

Term: Intracranial compliance

The brain is an eloquent, soft structure housed within a thick, rigid, non-compliant skull. In health, there is a delicate equilibrium between...

Neuro words for nerds crossword

Trying something fun this week! Check out the first Neuro Words for Nerds crossword puzzle!

Term: Stupor

Level of consciousness in which the patient is non-responsive except to a noxious stimulus (e.g., pain). Click on post title to read more about the etymology and clinical relevance.

Term: Leptomeninges

This week's Neuro Words for Nerds term is leptomeninges. Read more about the definition, etymology and clinical relevance.

Term: Opisthotonus

Body posture characterized by marked dorsal extension of

Cheyne-Stokes respiration

Respiratory pattern characterized by alternating periods of increasing rate/depth of breathing followed by...

Term: Hippus

Hippus is a spasmodic or rhythmic dilation and constriction of the pupil. Click on post title to see a video of a cat with hippus and read about possible causes.