Neuro Words for Nerds


Each week’s Neuro Words for Nerds post defines a neurology term, its pronunciation, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Term: Presbycusis

Presbycusis: Progressive, bilaterally symmetrical age-related hearing loss that is not due to...

Term: Funiculus

Any of the 3 major divisions of white matter in...

Term: Schmorl node

A defect in the vertebral endplate thought to be due to...

Term: Penumbra

The penumbra is the area of ischemic tissue around an infarct that...

Term: Basal nuclei

Basal nuclei: Collection of subcortical... Click on post title to read more

Term: Dysmyelination

This week's term is dysmyelination, which is decreased myelination due to...

Term: Pneumorrhachis

Pneumorrhachis is gas (air) within the...Click on post title to read the full definition, etymology, and clinical relevance.

Term: Tentorium cerebelli

A fold of dura between the occipital lobes and the...Click on post title to read full definition, etymology and clincila relevance.

Term: Decussation

An X-shaped crossing of nerve fibers on post title to read more about the pronunciation, etymology and definition.

Term: Mesencephalon

The mesencepahlon is the middle of the three primary vesicles of...

Term: Pterygoid

of, relating to, or lying in the region of the inferior part of the...

Term: Amygdala

The amygdala are a group of deep, medially-located basal nuclei in the...Click on post to read more about etymology, definition and clinical relevance.