Tips & tricks

These posts discuss a variety and tips and tricks to help you in the clinic.

Use a strong light source!

NeuroPetVet recommends using a strong light source when testing the patient's PLR. Disposable penlights are good in a pinch, but...

Explode the hand

When performing the menace response test, be careful not to touch the vibrissae or create a wind current that would lead to a false positive result. Click on post title to read more about how to better perform the menace response test.

A new meaning for downward facing dog!

Stainless steel tables & cages are great because they are easily cleaned, but they are cold and slippery. Consider using yoga mats on your exam tables and in cages. Click on post title to read more.

Always check the down leg!

In some cases, it can be difficult to elicit a patellar reflex in the "up" leg of a patient that should otherwise have an intact reflex. Read more to find out why the "down" leg should always be tested.