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  1. antonis_lionakis@yahoo.gr
    antonis_lionakis@yahoo.gr says:

    This is a very interesting case, thank you very much for sharing.
    What possible causes of damage to the oculomotor nerve would you consider likely at this point?

  2. mwillkel
    mwillkel says:

    The OD indirect PLR seems to be intact and, as the direct OS PLR is virtually “0”, this would indicate the efferent CN III as the most likely problem. List of rule outs may include vascular, granulomatous/inflammatory, and neoplasia as it does not mention onset as acute vs chronic.

  3. jose nieves
    jose nieves says:

    es una paralisis del tercer para craneal, en algunos pacientes se debe a hemorragias intracerbrales ya sea por rupturas de aneurismas o traumatismos, a veces se trata de lesiones neoplasicas compresivas. ¿ se evaluo el aspecto del fondo de ojo de este paciente?

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