Localize: Acute seizures & chronic blindness/circling


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4 replies
    • neuropetvet
      neuropetvet says:

      I’d be happy to do so, but the laptop where I store the images just went out for repair. I won’t be back to the hospital until mid-week to download them again so I’ll post some images later in the week.

    • neuropetvet
      neuropetvet says:

      See above re: images. The owner declined ventriculoperitoneal shunt so the dog is being treated with prednisone and omeprazole to reduce CSF production and levetiracetam (Keppra) for the seizures. So far, the dog is doing well. She will still walk rapidly in circles when she’s somewhere she doesn’t know (e.g., our hospital), but she walks relatively normally at home. Seizure frequency while on levetiracetam is acceptable for now.

      The reason that I don’t normally include all the info you requested on the “What’s Your Neurolocalization?” posts is because these posts are meant to only be short posts for everyone to practice localization, but I’m happy to do so when requested.

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