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  1. Angelillo
    Angelillo says:

    this dog’s mental status seem to be altered, it is almost obtunded. besides, you say that propriocepcion seems to be slow. Wouldn’t you suspect a Central vestibular Syndrome?

    • neuropetvet
      neuropetvet says:

      I agree that the presence of mental dullness and proprioceptive deficits would indicate a central disorder. To me, this dog was quiet, but alert & responsive. He was uncomfortable and looked like he didn’t feel well, which can give the impression of mental dullness. When put on the ground, he was more alert in appearance. His postural reactions were normal during the initial exam about 5 minutes earlier (both general proprioception and hopping). I think he was just done with being examined and he was becoming uncooperative while I was recording (not shown because the recording was stopped as he repeatedly tried to bite me.) The other “problem” with this video was that I was both recording and trying to do the exam, which can throw off the appearance of exam results. Normally, someone else records while I do the exam. I should have had the ER tech record while I performed the exam.

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