Localize: Pug with chronic HL weakness


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1 reply
  1. smilerk
    smilerk says:

    I am delighted you have addressed a purebred pug affected with Pug Myelopathy. Is it possible to fwd my message to the author of this contribution? I would like to see images from the MRI and CT if possible and how the radiologist characterized the lesions present in this dog. We are working on the pathogenesis of this disease at Michigan State University (Dr. Jon Patterson in Pathology) and I have become involved with funding additional research in this disease. Please contact me for more information. smilerk@mindspring.com Further discussions on consensus statements regarding diagnosis, therapy and management are needed. Purdue University recently received a AKC CHF grant to begin investigating the genetics of purebred pug spinal disorders and are seeking DNA samples (blood) from confirmed cases.

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