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Post-operative discospondylitis in neurosurgery

The goal of this study was to determine the incidence of post-operative discospondylitis following a neurosurgical procedure to treat intervertebral disc extrusion or protrusion.

Term: Spinal shock

Spinal shock is a condition characterized by temporary loss or reduction of spinal reflex activity caudal to a physiological or anatomical transection of the spinal cord. Click on post title to read more.

Term: Subarachnoid space

The subarachnoid space is the space between the pia mater (innermost) and arachnoid mater (middle later) of meninges. It consists of...

Term: Syringomyelia

Syringomyelia is a disorder of the spinal cord characterized by replacement of spinal cord tissue by a fluid-filled cavity. Read more at neuropetvet.com.