Quiz: Dizzy dog

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  1. Danourdis Anastasios
    Danourdis Anastasios says:

    Hello, I think that the sentence in Quiz 2 “The paradox is that the head tilt and nystagmus suggest a left-sided lesion,” must be modify to “The paradox is that the head tilt suggests a left-sided lesion and the nystagmus suggests a right-sided lesion”
    Danourdis Anastasios

    • neuropetvet
      neuropetvet says:

      Hello. Good eyes! Actually, I had the question wrong! I originally wrote this question many moons ago for veterinary students when I was a resident. For this quiz post, I flipped the side of everything in the question except that I forgot to change the direction of the nystagmus…the question should have read fast phase right, so the answer wording is correct based on the edited question. Thanks for letting me know so I could correct it!

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