Term: Axonotmesis

Axonotmesis is an interruption of the axon and...

Localize: Down dog

5-year-old castrated male mixed breed dog was referred for a sudden onset of left pelvic limb weaknesss

Term: Rhombencephalon

The rhombencephalon is the portion of the developing embryonic brain that gives rise to...

Localize: Ataxic Lab

A 12 yr FS Labrador Retriever is brought in for evaluation of possible neck pain and paraparesis.

Quiz: Cat with dilated pupil

12-year-old castrated male DSH cat is presented for evaluation of abnormal pupil size

Term: Substantia grisea centralis

The term substantia grisea centralis translates literally to central grey substance. Read more about this region's interesting functions.

Localize: Acute nonambulatory tetraparesis

Poodle Mix with acute, rapidly progressive tetraparesis

Quiz: Vestibular dysfunction

Test your neuro knowledge against these four vestibular questions.

Term: Bregma

The bregma is the point of crossing of the...

COTM: Cat with flaccid tail and tail "mass"

12yr MC DSH cat with that is skittish/hiding more and has a flaccid tail with tail base swelling

Localize: Boxer with pelvic limb gait abnormality

6yr SF Boxer referred for neurologic evaluation of 1-2 week history of pelvic limb gait abnormality

Quiz: Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?

This week's quiz focuses on the arterial circle of the brain, also called the Circle of Willis. Test your neuro knowledge on these 3 questions!