Term: Diprosopus

Duplication of parts or all of the...

Localize: Tetraparetic Boxer

12yr MC Boxer with progressive tetraparesis

Localize: "Bobblehead" cat

10yr DLH cat with abnormal gait and "bobblehead" appearance

Campylobacter infection & raw chicken major risk factors for acute polyradiculoneuritis

Strong association found with consumption of raw chicken or Campylobacter infection in dogs with acute polyradiculoneuritis.

Quiz: Steroids and edema

Test your neuro knowledge against these 4 questions about steroids and edema

Localize: Painful Dachshund

11-year-old castrated male Dachshund with recurrent episodes of pain and lethargy

Ancient descriptions of epilepsy

The first written description of epilepsy can be traced back to 2000 B.C.

Term: Arachnoid villi

Tufted extensions of pia-arachnoid mater into the...

Localize: Boxer with right facial twitching

4yr FS Boxer with right-sided facial twitching

COTM: Cat with behavior change & circling

12yr FS DSH cat with progressive behavior change and circling

Quiz: Spinal cord anatomy

Test your neuroanatomy knowledge on these spinal cord structures.

Reminder about rabies in dogs and cats

With the recent tragic report of a 6-year-old boy in Florida…