Localize: LHL lameness

10yr MC Labrador with a 1-month history of progressive left pelvic limb lameness and pain

Localize: Weak cat

10-year-old MC DSH with an acute onset of weakness

Localize: Cavalier with droopy face

6yr MC Cavalier with a droopy face

Term: Neuralgia

Sharp, paroxysmal episodes of pain in the...

Localize: Uncoordinated kitty

5 year old MC DSH wth difficulty jumping onto furniture and falling on the stairs

Quiz: Abnormal CSF

CSF is obtained from a dog that was presented for seizures and circling to the left. What abnormalities do you see and what diagnostics are recommended?

Localize: Another weak Boston

10yr MC Boston with an acute onset of weakness/incoordination not responding to medical management

Term: Myokymia

Myokymia is an involuntary, spontaneous, localized quivering of a few bundles within a muscle or a few muscle groups, but without sufficient force to move a joint.

Localize: Boston Terrier with left-sided weakness

12 year old MC Boston Terrier with acute onset of left-sided weakness

Quiz: Causes of trismus

A dog is presented with trismus. What are your differentials?

Localize: Down Collie

11yr MC Collie acutely unable to walk

It's okay to be nosey! Fun facts about the canine schnoz

Fun facts about the canine schnoz for your next cocktail party!