Term: Schizencephaly

Abnormal cleavage of the brain tissue...

LHL lameness in Miniature Schnauzer

11yr MC Miniature Schnauzer referred for presumptive IVDD

COTM: Nonambulatory Tibetan Terrier

5yr FS Tibetan Terrier with an acute onset of incoordination, hugging the wall when walking, falling over, and walking in circles

Localize: Lame/weak Peke

Left pelvic limb lameness/weakness initially improved with activity restriction, carprofen, and gabapentin, but worsening again

Term: Pachymeningitis

Inflammation of the dura mater of the brain or spinal cord...

Localize: Uncoordinated Corgi

11 yr MC Corgi with progressive weakness/incoordination for the previous 3 weeks

Term: Kernicterus

Kernicterus is a form of degenerative brain disease caused by excessively high...

Localize: Ataxic Frenchie

6-year-old FS French Bulldog with an acute onset of ataxia

Localize: "Down" American Bulldog

11yr FS American Bulldog referred for being acutely "down" the night before

Term: Hemineglect

Hemineglect is a syndrome characterized by decreased attention or awareness of...

COTM: Dachshund mix pacing & circling

5yr MC Dachshund mix pacing & circling

Wednesday quiz day: Tetraparetic Husky

Test your neuro knowledge on this case, 7-month FS Siberian Husky with rapidly progressive weakness