Imaging: Paraparetic & ataxic cat

11yr FS Terrier mix with progressive paraparesis & ataxia

Term: Myelomalacia

A severe form of secondary spinal cord injury that can occur...

Localize: Circling cat

12 yr MC DSH presented for recent onset of pacing & circling

Quiz: Blind dog & the visual pathway

Test your neuro knowledge on these 4 questions about a blind dog. Don’t worry, we don’t grade!

Localize: Lab with new onset seizures

8yr FS with new onset seizures

Term: Pleurothotonus

Turning of the head and...

Localize: Ataxic geriatric Lab

12yr MC Lab presented for acute on chronic weakness/ataxia in all 4 limbs

COTM: Progressively weak Shepherd/Husky mix

1yr intact female Shepherd/Husky mix with progressive weakness and inability to run

Localize: Blind Burmese

10yr MC Burmese cat referred by a veterinary ophthalmologist for abnormal pupil size

Term: Coma

A profound state of unconsciousness in which...

Localize: Weak/limping Boxer

9yr MC Boxer with 6-month progressive weakness/lameness

Quiz: Patellar reflex

Test your neuro knowledge on these 3 patellar reflex questions. Don’t worry, we don’t grade!