Greyhound w/ gluteal atrophy

This week’s case is a 5-year-old FS Greyhound that was referred for evaluation of muscle atrophy around the hind end.

Localize: "Drunk" Pitbull

This week’s neurolocalization case is a 3 1/2-year-old castrated male Pitbull that was evaluated in our Emergency Department for an acute onset of uncoordinated gait and left head tilt.

Term: Myeloschisis

Cleft in the spinal cord due to...

COTM: Nonambulatory Siamese

7yr MC Siamese with acute HL weakness after possible fall

Localize: Weak Cocker Spaniel

7yr MC Cocker Spaniel with progressive pelvic limb weakness/incoordination

Localize: Cat with abnormal eye

10yr MC DSH with sudden onset of an abnormal appearance to the left eye

Term: Prosencephalon

One of 3 primary divisions of developing embryonic brain

Localize: Circling cat

4 yr MC DSH with an acute onset of circling

Quiz: GME

Test your neuro knowledge on these 6 questions about GME

Localize: Ataxic Yorkie

7yr MC Yorkie with sudden onset and progressive weakness/incoordination in the pelvic limbs

Term: Denticulate ligament

Paired ligaments attaching the pia mater to the...

Localize: Blind Shepherd mix

11yr Shepherd mix with acute blindness