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Case: Tetraparetic Rhodesian Ridgeback

7yr M Rhodesian Ridgeback with waxing-and-waning weakness and incoordination in all 4 limbs

Case: Paraplegic cat

A 7yr MC DSH cat was referred for emergency evaluation following a sudden onset of inability to walk. He was taken to his local veterinarian who found pelvic limb paralysis with absent nociception in both pelvic limbs.

Case: Paraparetic Corgi mix

This month's case is a 4-year-old Corgi mix that was referred to the Neurology Department for evaluation following a sudden onset of inability to walk.

COTM: Ataxic Yorkie

The February case of the month is a 4 1/2 yr Yorkie that was presented for progressive ataxia. Click on the post title to read more.

Gluten-free diet may help “Spike’s Disease”

This small study examines the clinical and serological effect of a gluten-free diet in Border Terriers with Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome ("Spike's Disease").

Cervical foraminal disc extrusion in dogs

This was a retrospective study that reviewed the medical records of dogs with cervical intervertebral foraminal disc extrusion (CIFDE).

Golden with acute paraparesis

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Exercise-induced collapse

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