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COTM: Bichon mix with abnormal gait

The patient was referred to our hospital for evaluation of abnormal gait thought to be due to intervertebral disc disease.

Localize: Acutely weak cat

The August case of the month is a 6-year-old cat that was brought in to the Emergency Department for evaluation following a sudden onset of inability to walk the day before.

Seizures in dogs ≥ 5 yrs of age

The goal of this study was to better characterize seizures in older dogs.

Should screening AUS be performed before MRI?

When asked what the minimum database is for practically any disorder, including neurologic disease, the "knee-jerk" response is often: CBC, chem, T4, UA, blood pressure, thoracic rads and abdominal ultrasound (AUS). But, does this hold up under scrutiny? This study aimed to answer that question at least with regard to AUS.

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Obtaining a history

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